On a recent trip to Calgary, I had the misfortune to fly United, and like it fit into my experience everything was still they way it was. Flight attendants that don't like what they do, if you ask for water you bother them and people that are in general angry. My theory is American people and United people are just very, very different.

I digress, after getting comfortable towards the very tail end of boarding a very nice lady comes on board with child and seats herself in the middle seat next to me and her son in the middle seat on the other side. I'm thinking by myself should I offer to change seats with her son? Well and before I can the passenger in the other aisle seat makes that offer. Flabbergasted about what I jackass I am sometimes, I was very surprised about the kindness of this guy.

A guy with a strong british accent and definetly someone the ladies would like. During the flight a had some very pleasant conversation and when we landed had to tell him that he just made my day. It is good to know that people, self centered as we sometimes are, have the moral compass to do the right thing.

Wish I would have offered a little earlier, but on the other hand it felt good to see a simple kind gesture like this.

Most amazingly, when I said that was just really cool, he just told me I was the one that had the easierst time to move.

Great guy, hope all that good Karma got you what you deserve.

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    May 2012