So why did we start to foster animals? The explanation is simple and pretty
straight forward, I had advised my wonderful wife Angela to leave a job that
really made here miserable. Around the same time there was an outreach thru the
local TV stations that the Town Lake Animal Shelter urgently needs help to
foster Kittens.

As Animal lovers, Angela decided to sign us up. It gave here time to focus on
something worth doing and occupied her time with a loving and caring duty that
made here very relaxed about not having a job. I guess this is because you are
accepting responsibility and care for something that makes you happy. Our first
batch of Kittens was called “Peter, Paul and Marry” a wonderful set of a grey,
red tabby and black cats. As it turns out Marry was really a boy and we had to
change to “Peter, Paul and Harry”.

You should know that I am actually allergic against cat hair, what still did not
prevent us from “being adopted” by our first grey tabby Georg that also turned
out to be a Georgie. After that we adopted our second cat from the Animal
Shelter in Pflugerville that was named Doug, due to the officer rescuing her.
Doug turned out to be a girl as well and now goes by the name of Gabby, as we
both like “Fiona” on the show“Burn Notice” and decided that would work. Gabby is
the most sociable cat you can imagine, not afraid of anything, always
interacting with people and so forth. 

Any animal enriches your life and keeps you centered, keeps you focused on our
social responsibility. It sometimes reminds me of the book Ishmael, we are NOT
Gods! Helping these helpless creatures that have been mistreated neglected or in
some cases abused, leaves a stain on your soul and brings sunshine in their
life. Trust me it is one of the most rewarding things you can do! 

We have now gone on to foster Puppies and Kittens; we would not miss it for the

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    April 2011