As described in my earlier “Reading Guide”, this is a longer entry regarding the odd behavior our society has come to where normally totally rational people go against what they criticize, on something as silly as a phone or computer. I’m also trying to explain why I believe this is the case, so let me start out with more details on the topic that drove me to write this entry. After again speaking my mind and voicing my opinion over an Apple issue, on Facebook that simply angered me, I suggested the company with the fruit logo could do better.

That was right around the time all the bullying issues where big on TV and discussed everywhere. You remember, where people posted their "tell an adult" -- "prevent bullying" -- "a bully is unacceptable" on Facebook. I came to realize that exactly these same people bullied me for speaking my mind about Apple, so when have we as a society become so religious about a company or a product that all this good intentions go out the windows and we do exactly what we criticize so much?
Not that I cannot accept people having a different opinion, or liking things more or less than I do, it was the approach people took, how personal they took it and most of all the almost religious fanatic responds I got related to a "silly" computer product. Am I sometimes angry about things, sure. However, it struck me as really odd how people felt I personally attacked them, when I stated that I think Apple is spreading their resources to thin.

One of the main reasons I switch to the platform for work (using it for 20 years personally) was the stability and reliability. This enriched with a little sarcasm and details about what went wrong, what Apple (Support) had to say about it and how it is impacting my personal productivity.
After receiving all the angry "you don't know anything" -- "I have been in IT for 15 years and I'm telling you..." -- I sat down and reflected. It seems this is a change in our society, why do otherwise totally reasonable people all of a sudden want to compare brain pans or doubt you know anything about computing even so these same people have relied on you for technical tasks and projects, so they the level of technical understanding one has. All of a sudden a conversation with a colleague in Europe about Apple's new iPhone 4 rang back in my mind.
The conversation with my friend Mark came to the conclusion that Apple products have become status symbols. You scratch your head why? Me too! However, the explanation we found was the old status symbols like cars, watches and other luxury items are in a downturn economy where everybody is holding on to their cash and don't just buy the new Mercedes, Porsche or any of the brands you think of. The old one will do for a little longer. However, an iPhone or iPad with its price point really still gives you the same prestige or does it not? Well now some idiot like me comes along with his reality check and you really don't want your "baby" be called ugly, based on the knowledge that you made personal sacrifices to have the new shiny iPhone or iPad.

So have we really become that shallow as a society or are we just all to focused on the image we project?


    The SoZesty blog is mainly therapy for myself. I really don't have any other goal than stating my opinion and sometimes get stuff off my chest. 

    I am a strong believer in the US constitution, the freedom it provides and the tolerance it strives for. My political views are more liberal, but with strong conservative roots. 

    As a German that immigrated to the US I am always impressed with the freedom, choice and openness you have in the US and how little people sometimes seem to appreciate it. 

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